The Ken Wilson Lattice Award
for 2011 and 2012


Ken Wilson who started the the field of Lattice Gauge Theory has endorsed the Ken Wilson Lattice Award to be presented for the first time at the 29th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, 2011. His letter to the community re-affirms the importance and challenges of research in this field of physics.

This is an annual award given in recognition of a paper that made an important contribution to Lattice Field Theory and appeared in the three-year period before the International Lattice Symposium. The award will be presented at the annual Lattice International Conference. The panel of judges for this award will be different every year. An invitation for voluntary participation to the award panel will be sent to the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and the International Advisory Committee (IAC) of the conference for that year. The prize will be a certificate and $500 US Dollars to be shared among the authors of the paper that won. The plan is to eventually have the Ken Wilson Lattice Award administered through APS and still be presented at the Lattice conference.


The paper must be important research beyond the existing state of the art. It may have a broad impact and enable new research. It can be work that influences theory, or phenomenology, or experiment. It can be a new physics calculation method that removes previously existing roadblocks. It can be work that successfully applies lattice field theory to a new problem in physics. It can be an algorithm that changes the landscape of numerical computation for lattice field theory. In most general terms it should be research that produces important progress in Lattice Field Theory.


The research must have been submitted or cross-listed on the hep-lat archive during the three-year period before the current year Lattice Conference (for example for the 2012 Lattice prize consideration will be given to papers that appeared after Lattice 2009 and before Lattice 2012).


The award will be announced in the Lattice Conference email lists, and at the email bulletin board.